Criminal Defense

If you’re facing criminal charges, you’re likely looking to achieve one of three outcomes – avoiding jail time, reducing or dismissing your charges, and/or keeping your record clean. Stephen Morris shares those goals and understands that a criminal conviction can have a devastating effect on your career, your future, your family, and even your freedom.

He has helped defend people charged in a wide range of cases – from misdemeanor offenses like DUI charges and minor drug cases, to high level felonies like aggravated assault and sex crimes.

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Criminal Defense

In any criminal case, regardless of the severity, the decision to hire the right lawyer as quickly as possible is always the best decision. When your future and freedom are at stake, you don’t need just any lawyer. You need someone with experience and passion to attack the prosecutor’s case against you. Stephen Morris is that attorney.

We begin with making sure all of your constitutional rights are protected. This includes:

  • Your Fourth Amendment right to be free of warrantless searches and seizures.
  • Your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and to due process of law.
  • Your Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial, effective assistance of counsel, and to confront witnesses against you.

We comprehensively review the facts and all the evidence in order to know how to proceed. There are times that it may be in your best interest for us to negotiate for a lesser penalty or reduced charges. Other times, going to trial may be the best option.

There can be no guarantees in the law, but we are good negotiators. We are also experienced, zealous, and effective advocates in the courtroom. One thing we can guarantee is that we will do our very best for you.